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The magazine "School World" is devoted to a wide range of issues of preschool, primary and secondary education. The issues of the management of the educational institution, the organization of the educational process, the interaction of the school, the family and the society, the issues of profile education, educational control, correctional pedagogy and other topical issues in the sphere of education. Learn More

The cost of semi-annual subscription: 924 rubles. (Subscription index 18567)
The cost of the annual subscription: 1800 rubles. (Subscription index 94228)

Headings of the edition:

  • Issues of preschool and primary education
  • Innovative educational environment
  • Profile training
  • Methodology of school education
  • Educational control
  • Issues of additional education
  • Educational process
  • School and society
  • Psychologist's room
  • Management and educational control
  • Family and Society
  • Healthy environment
  • Correctional pedagogy