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The publication is intended for teachers who want to conduct lessons that meet the requirements of GEF. On the pages of the magazine you will find recommendations for the conduct and competent structuring of an open training session. Professional knowledge teachers share their knowledge and experience in applying modern teaching technologies. Methodical recommendations for conducting open lessons, master classes and quests in different disciplines will be useful for each teacher.

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The journal "Open Lesson: Recommendations and Examples" is not only a wide range of examples of open contemporary lessons, but also recommendations, but also the presentation of an "open lesson" as an integral part of studying the professional activity of the teacher in its systemic manifestation.

It is about studying the teacher's work in diagnosing success, analyzing, documenting the educational process, his social and pedagogical activity, organizing the teacher's work on the subject, classroom management, conducting extra-curricular activities, preparing students for competitions and learning outcomes.

Important is the choice of key topics for the preparation and implementation of a set of pedagogical activities (showing several lessons of the topic, extra-curricular activities for individual programs with gifted children, special work with students requiring additional pedagogical attention, working with students prepared for participation in the Olympiads and subject competitions Conducting an intersubject evening, conducting a career-oriented class hour).

Attention is being paid to the development of a single plan for holding open events, specifying the timing, selecting or appointing a support group or analysis and evaluation group, determining the level at which the experience is presented, the form of support and dissemination of the experience.

The author discusses the issues of stimulating the creative work of teachers for what, on the basis of which criteria, in what form and in what quantities will the activity of the teacher and the persons taking part in this activity, including students and parents, be assessed.

Periodicity - 6 issues per year.
The cost of semi-annual subscription: 993 rubles. (Subscription index 13129)
The cost of the annual subscription: 1887 rubles. (Subscription index 70346)

The main headings of the journal "Open Lesson: Recommendations and Examples":

Questions of school pedagogy

  • Recommendations for training
  • After-hour activities
  • Advice from professionals
  • Master Class: Components of Success
  • Extracurricular activities and additional education
  • Interdisciplinary method
  • Non-standard approach