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The journal is intended for senior management of secondary education institutions. The publication presents the experience of the best teachers, directors and head teachers of schools in the country to organize work in the school. The journal publishes materials on the quality control of education, modern teaching technologies, information on the organization of the educational process in accordance with the new federal state educational standards. In addition, a new rubric has been added to the journal, in which teachers share their opinions on various pedagogical issues. Learn More

In modern conditions, the school is becoming more and more difficult to manage. The strategy for the development of general education poses the task of increasing the accessibility of quality education with the effective use of resources. Today, efforts are aimed at stimulating innovation through the desire of the school to maintain and continuously improve quality and competitiveness, increase educational opportunities for students, increase school autonomy and optimize budget expenditures.

How does the school administration cope with the new challenges and follow the priority development directions of 2012, 2015, 2020? How to develop the teaching staff and stimulate work? How to certify in 2012 the school staff? Solving these and other issues will help the magazine "Management of modern schools." The journal pays attention to such issues as the development of the school's human potential; Legal aspects in the work of the head; Control and supervision in the education system; A general school conference; Admission of children to school; Teachers' council; Board of trustees; parental committee; Council of the school; Leadership extra-curricular and extracurricular work; Organization and improvement of the teaching and educational process, scientific and methodological work and control over its quality.

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Periodicity - 6 issues per year.
The cost of semi-annual subscription: 978 rubles. (Subscription index 13139)
The cost of the annual subscription: 1858 rubles. (Subscription index 70349)

The main headings of the journal "Management of modern schools":

  • Organization of work in school
  • Education Management
  • Help in planning
  • Guidelines
  • Modern technologies of training
  • Quality education
  • Organization of extracurricular activities
  • Keep Health
  • Quality control
  • Computer techologies
  • Pedagogical Council
  • Educational work
  • Teaching Forum