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The authors of the magazine "Director of the Modern School" are directors, head teachers and teachers of Russian schools. The purpose of the publication is to provide the heads of educational institutions with useful information on solving numerous problems of school management in the current social and political-economic conditions. The experience of directors in the management of the educational organization, pedagogical issues, as well as current topics for discussion with parents, including the issue of preserving the health of schoolchildren, are all presented in this publication. In addition, a new rubric has been added to the journal dedicated to working with gifted children. Learn More

The journal is designed to cover all the main problems that arise with the director of a modern school. The electronic support of the magazine for subscribers at will help the head of the educational institution to solve a lot of problems related to the management of the educational institution and documentation.

Periodicity - 6 issues per year.
The cost of semi-annual subscription: 891 rubles. (Subscription index 13126)
The cost of the annual subscription: 1693 rubles. (Subscription index 70341)

The pages of the magazine "Director of the Modern School" pay attention to the following:

  • Mastery of management
  • Pedagogy issues
  • Innovation in Education
  • School Policy
  • School and parents
  • Finance, Law and Economics
  • Optional
  • School of Health
  • Teaching process management
  • Innovative learning technologies
  • Work with gifted children