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The materials of the article are attached information about the author only in Russian (translation of key words, annotations, author's information, etc. is carried out by the publishing house) in the following form:

  1. The name of the magazine to which you send the article for publication at.
  2. Specialty according to the nomenclature of specialties of scientific workers.
  3. The scientific specialization of the article and the section of science to which it refers.
  4. Surname.
  5. Name.
  6. Middle name.
  7. Place of work and position (with the indication of the department / department / laboratory, etc.).
  8. Scientific degree (Doctor of Science, Candidate of Science).
  9. Academic rank (graduate student, applicant, doctoral student, associate professor, professor, etc.).
  10. Honorary title (Corresponding Member / Academician, Honorary Worker of Higher Education, Honored Worker of Science, etc.).
  11. The full name of the educational (scientific) institution (which must be indicated in the title of the article when it is published.) If the educational (scientific) institutions are several, then indicate the full names for each).
  12. Postal address, postal code, contact phone number, e-mail address (data are specified in detail - for sending you a journal with an article).
  13. Nationality (Country).
  14. Article title.
  15. Number of pages in the article.
  16. Number of copyright copies of the magazine.

(If article 2 or more authors, the form is filled in for each separately). The article, accompanied by an external review, is considered first.